Things Remembered: November 2009

As I said, I’ll be playing Google Reader catch-up on here for a bit. I’ll group all the links by month up until the more recent stuff.

Maybe one day I’ll do something useful with this blog and save the planet or some junk like that. But for now this is just a collection of all links I have deemed worthy of reblogging. How special.

Without further delay, here’s my Shared Items and Likes from November 2009:

We’re too rich! Affluent Germans demand higher taxes –

What really happened –

Video : Tokyo Police Club : Hands Reversed –

Album Reviews| –
Julian Casablancas, ‘Phrazes for the Young’ (RCA) : New York’s grooviest rocker spiffs up his sound. By David Marchese

Pile o’ Otter Babies via ZooBorns


Video : Atlas Sound : Quick Canal (feat. Lætitia Sadier) via i guess i’m floating

Video : Levek’s Incredible Acappella Cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Shift” via i guess i’m floating-

Underwater River in Mexico-

Video: Why? : These Hands/ January Twenty Something –
from Pitchfork: TV
An epic, two-part clip that’s half car-crash tragedy and half rooftop triumph. Director: Ben Barnes.

Inhabitat : World’s Largest Earthquake-Proof Building Completed in Istanbul –
by Bridgette Meinhold
Sabiha Gökçen International Airport

Inhabitat : Paint-Free Coke Can Saves Energy, Reduces Pollution –
by Sarah Parsons

Polaroid Composites –
from designworklife

Obama facebook –
from Superpoop

Aaaaaaand that concludes my November findings.


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