Things Remembered: February 2010

Ha-cha-cha-cha. Let’s just get right to it, do it:

Videogum : Beaker Meeps “Dust In The Wind” Like A Gay Retard
All Gabe is sayin’ is, why can’t the Internet let Beaker be GREAT?

Hunter S. Thompson Calls Tech Support
Another satisfied customer…

Can You Tell Your Life Story In Exactly Six Words?
It all changed in an instant.

Inhabitat : ECO ART : Nick Gentry’s Expressive Floppy Disk Paintings
by Moe Beitiks

Videogum : A Photo Of Stephen Colbert Reading Cat Fancy Magazine At The Olympics
For the gold.

The Pudding Guy via Futility Closet
Dammit, why didn’t I think of this? I love pudding. And free air travel.

Chris Hansen Goes for the Gold via Deadspin
Hahah, wupsh.

How to Make It
Damn not having HBO!

Teen Fends Off Mountain Lion With Sword

“I see this big cat,” said Dawson.

Dawson said the mountain lion was big.

Yeah, wow, no shit, news article writer, thanks! BIG, got it. And more importantly, HOW did he use the sword to fend off the mountain lion??? Jeez, shoddy reporting, KRCA.

When NOT to hyphenate your name
Ahhh, some of these can’t be real!

Ahahahah, yay!


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