Things Remembered: January 2010

2009, you were just alright to me; obviously we had some good times. But there was a lot of shitty stuff you put me through too. So that’s why I was all “Peach out, sucka. It’s TwentyTen from now on! Laaaaate.” Don’t take it the wrong way though, no hard feelings right? Time keeps a chuggin’ along…

2010? You know, I can dig it. So let’s get back to the month that started it all:

From Cannabis Culture Magazine

It’s play-doh you can smoke!

Pocohontar via Boing Boing
Cameron is the MASTER.

Too good to be true?

The transparent toaster via apartment therapy.

Owl in Flight

via TYWKIFDBI (Things You Wouldn’t Know If We Didn’t Blog Intermittently) Hah.

Cheddar me, please

Democracy: Jan 27th
Drinking game for tonight’s State of the Union Address.

Holding on to Cyclists in Copenhagen

Sewing machines, how do they work?

via gifbin

Melt yr face offfff
Yeahhh, Jonah!

Staircase Slide

Want want want.

Screw Avatar, I Just Want Green Screen Grandmas via Gizmodo
Gotta love Grandma Millie and Grandma Fran

Printers Are Sent From Hell to Make Us Miserable via Gizmodo
I couldn’t agree more.

How to Report the News

Cudi on Letterman
Gotta love the Cud.

Hahah, and Letterman’s funny noises.

Okay 2010, you’re over halfway over! But don’t be sad, many great things are still in store.


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