Things Remembered: March 2010

NOTCOT : Like Crisps but Better!

Doggie Stache via 2modern

Need for Chico.

Videogum: I Love You, Party Grandma
Me, 49 years from now!

Vinyl record grooves under electron microscope via Reckon

The Discovery video is pretty sweet too.

Gawker: All The “Sad” Young Aspiring Media Careers: The Kids Are Apparently Just Fine
“These English majors wanna be some super genius novelists/ They end up music journalists/chicks ain’t that into it.”

But I did not shoot the deputy…
from The Rejectionist, via Fuck Yeah, Puns!

Petition to make “Hella” the prefix for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 via BoingBoing
Carl sez, “A petition to make Hella- the official SI prefix for 10^27, for measuring things bigger than Yotta- (the prefix for (US) billion trillion). For instance: ‘the sun (mass of 2.2 hellatons) would release energy at 0.3 hellawatts.’ It would also come in handy for eventually measuring Internet traffic and US national debt.”

This is how I do my party tricks too

Inhabitat: ECO ART: Reclaimed Garbage Transformed Into Amazing Sculptures
by Harsh Paul

Inhabitat: DIY: Vibrant Curtains Upcycled from Old Film Slides
by Diane Pham

Inhabitat: REVERSE GRAFFITI: South African Artists Tag Walls By Scrubbing Them Clean
by Yuka Yoneda

Video: TV Theme Song Medley
from i guess i’m floating

We’re all babies inside

Naive, little babies. Glass Bull Gold Liqueur

Jon Stewart Parodies Glenn Beck

Zebra snapped putting head in hippopotamus’s mouth
I think the word “snapped” is supposed to throw you; no bloodshed! Great news!

Video: SNL Digital Short: Boombox
BoooOOOooiled GooooOOOOoose!

Inhabitat: Recycling Zychal: Hoods and Doggie Coats Made from Broken Umbrellas
by Evelyn Lee

It’s Cosmo!!!!

Only the Internet knows where this came from…

Inhabitat: 18 US Governors Write to EPA to Say Emissions Limits Will Hurt the Economy
by Brit Liggett
Fuck these guys and their backward logic.

In other, more heartwarming news:

Chocolate Puddle Cookie Recipe


Flickr: Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things
by Dean Trippe

Arty Spider Cider

Flickr: Horsetail Firefall

“Then – only for part of February, and only when the sky is clear – the very last sunrays of the day selectively linger on the falls, lighting it up with a golden glow that makes the water look like lava.”


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