Things Remembered: April 2010

If only the oil spill had happened 19 days earlier and turned out to be some cruel April Fool’s prank. Fuck.
Anyways, so it’s July now and that’s still going on, but back in April the world was a little more care-free… can we get back to that, please?

Lesley Stahl Says ‘Snus’ A Lot
via Warming Glow

from xkcd

Stereogum: Ice T to Aimme Mann

Time Traveler caught in 1940s photograph? explains this mystery…

Way to Go, Jack Johnson

grizzly bear vs caribou
And this ain’t no mashup of some indie bands.

Brown Bear Kills Moose in Driveway
Ahhh wake up and smell the fresh dead moose. Wait, what?! I told you I wanted COFFEE, bitch, not dead moose.

Okay, that’s enough of my “When Animals Attack Other Animals (‘Cause That’s What They Do ‘Cause They’s Animals)” segment.

Why I Give My 9-Year Old Pot
Not my 9-year old son, Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s son, chill! Really interesting read, and the first two essays are also worth a look. I’m glad someone’s getting something like this out in the mainstream media. The stigma is so dated. Seriously, the side effects of the millions of pharmaceuticals on the market are insane. But no one considers that!

The author and her son.

Who knew? Volcanoes!
from Information is Beautiful

Don’t let it be said I’m useless in the kitchen.

Darth Vader’s Original Voice
via starslip

Threadless: The King
I wasn’t really digging anything from Threadless for a while, but with the appearance of Danny Pudy and the clever shirts I’ve seen as of late, there’s a chance I will stay subscribed to their RSS feed.

Threadless: Birds of Pray

Threadless: Anatomy of a T-Shirt

Threadless: Fasten Your Seat Belts

I think those all have animals on them. Hah!

Inhabitat: Ripe Radish Solar Lamp Grows Garden Greens
by Ariel Schwartz
<a href=";

Inhabitat: Field Eco Art Exhibit Features 500 Shoes with Living Green Laces
by Diane Pham

Inhabitat:Circular Library Lets You Roll Your Books Home
by Ariel Schwartz
People tell me slow my roll, I’m screaming out, “Fuck that.”

Videogum: Old Man Dances To Remind Us We Are All Alive

Tags: Dancing, Death

CNN: Obama orders hospital visitation rights for gays, lesbians

The Happiest Elephant
from Design Crush

Temple University Fail
Flat Hooter” Contest. Couldn’t figure out a better name?

Temple University Makes up for Their Shortcomings
Cement-like creation could help the environment.

The Color Green Is Actually Pretty Toxic
From re-nest via The New York Times.

Evil Clown hired for stalking, threats and a pie in the face
via Gawker
They must really enjoy psychologically traumatizing their children for life over there.

KFC Double Down
Oh my Christ. Really, America?

NOTCOT: Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard

BBC Earth News: Cuttlefish seen laying eggs on a seahorse off Spain
In a curious case of mistaken identity, a cuttlefish is seen laying its eggs on a passing seahorse.

B Street: Make Her Say – Kid Cudi Remix by Sammy Bananas

NOTCOT: Public Pie in Lambrate


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