What have we done to our animals?

And by our animals I mean NOT our animals, because we don’t own them! But we gotta keep ’em safe and stop pushing them to extinction. And if not extinction, then we surely drive them to insanity. Case in point,

This poor, terrified monkey saving a little puppy from an explosion in Nanjing, China.


in 2008, this panda hugging a police officer’s leg following an earthquake.

I mean, I guess the earthquake wasn’t our fault or whatever. But wait, maybe it is! God is punishing the homosexuals with natural disasters, right? That is what’s going on! Anyway, the poor animals are suffering because of us. Save ’em!


One thought on “What have we done to our animals?

  1. from Boing Boing

    Note to self: Panda earthquake image not a fake, exactly
    Bill Barol at 10:40 AM Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011
    Bill Barol (email, Twitter) is a former senior writer at Newsweek and his journalism has appeared in The New Yorker, Time, Slate, and elsewhere. He also blogs at Forbes, Huffington Post and Pix365.

    Dear Bill: You know that picture of the terrified giant panda clinging to a policeman’s leg after the Japan earthquake? The one that, in the terrible early hours of this awful disaster, rocketed all over the Internet, landed on your screen and induced all sorts of anthropomorphic empathy on your part? It’s not a fake, exactly; the image is real, but it’s five years old, and was taken at a panda research center, and not in Japan but in China, and the guy isn’t a policeman, he’s a keeper, and it was feeding time, and the panda wasn’t terrified but hungry. As you’re contemplating the still-unfolding disaster, reserve a little brainpower to ponder on who puts this sort of misinformation out there at a time like this, and why. And try not to let it make you feel worse about this moment in history than you already do.

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