The Investigator & The Individualist

“To be master of any branch of knowledge, you must master those which lie next to it; and thus to know anything you must know all.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes


“Insanity is just a state of mind.” — Captain Hawkeye Pierce

Daddy-o at ABCs
Daddy-o at ABCs

Sometimes I worry I will fail to properly function as an adult human being — Savings? Nope. Retirement? Huh? 401k… say what, now? Days when I forget how the outside world works, and say things to myself like, “Oh, all you’ve eaten today was a bag of nacho-cheese-flavored chips? Good job,” as my brain shuts down and my stomach groans in pain and indifference. Other times, I’m on top of my game and figure something out on my own and feel a strong sense of accomplishment. Most of these are small accomplishments — setting up appointments, fixing something around the apartment, actually going to thing I said I would go to — these kinds of things really bolster my self confidence and make me see that I can and do fit in. It’s all a matter of learning all that I can, nonstop, and taking the initiative to get out there and connect with others. I can say with much certainty that my drive to gain knowledge in as many fields as possible comes from my father, good ol’ (not that old!) T.A. Reed.

I know these days my dad can feel defeated or confused when confronted by new devices or technology even though he is totally capable of figuring things out! (My parents need to give themselves more credit in that department. They’re smart folks! UPDATE:06/2015 – They now both even own smartphones! /shock). Anyway, my dad is more of a do-it-yourself, figure it out, solve all the problems type of guy. He’s a humble yet spectacular man, and I don’t think I’ve gotten to say that to him enough (HERE DAD, read my blog, plz. kthnx!). What I want to thank him for is this –

I’ve got quite a bit of DIY spirit running in my blood. My dad is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force (flight mechanic during the Vietnam War), a retired machinist, and an excellent craftsman and fixer/improver of all things. My dad is fun to be around. He is an avid and humorous story-teller and still presents an aura of mystery when working on his own. He is often found tinkering with machinery/tools and coming up with original and innovative ideas. Growing up, I was always fascinated by the junk drawer he kept in our house, filled with all sorts of whose-its and whats-its from the machine shop. I’d create musical instruments from unidentifiable metal trinkets for show-and-tell and find hours of endless amusement making up my own games with twist-ties and clothespins as game pieces. I’d often come home from school to find my dad involved in any number of new projects to repair things that were falling apart in our old Victorian twin home. Earlier this summer when he affixed the PackMaster to the top of my car using his own system of bolts and washers and hooks, I was reminded just how much his skill and know-how and his love of caring for his family have impacted my life. If I can prove to be half as handy and resourceful as that man, then I will be set to hack my own way in this world and find ways of passing his knowledge onto others.

Josh & the car, all PackMastered up.
Josh & the car, all PackMastered up.

Aaaaaand just because this picture is the best:

beer cans + dome

Love you, Dad!


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