California [still] dreamin’

Mondays, am I right?


Naaaw, just kiddin’, you guys. I’ve actually had off work several Mondays in a row and got to nap in a warm, sunny sand dune on the beach, so no complaints here (April Ludgate is still my spirit animal, though).

As an introvert, I realize I use the Internet and “social” media mostly as a personal journal of sorts. I’ve missed that boat (cruise ship?*) wherein actual networking happens.

Dear Diary, here are 20 cool things I found today that maybe one or two people I know will “like.”

But, hey, whatever. These posts are for ME. Things I like and find clever or hilarious or meta or downright fascinating. Sometimes you just get a creativebug up your ass and think $10/month for nifty video craft tutorials is a fun idea so I’m just gonna DO IT.

Other people dream BIG. Oh the dreams are just so big! Especially in California, apparently. That’s right Bob Burquist, soak up that sun in a place that has the word “Bliss” right in its name. Live your big dreams, buddy! You and your cool $8million net worth.

Speaking of going big, here’s some lovely insight and sound advice on love and loving big from Nate Bagley over at The Unmistakable Creative <3!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day – my silhouette with Callum, a 123 pound Irish Wolfhound, and Juju Bee, his 9 pound Chihuahua sibling on the roof at work 🙂


Happy holiday! Now, pass me that whiskey. There’s some day-drinking that needs to be done.

Image(image via

*maybe it’s okay I missed the boat given the alarming number of illness outbreaks that happen on cruise ships….


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