Amscray! Skedaddle! Etc., etc….

Thus my yearly move (and once/twice a year blog posting) continues. Settling down then leaving whenever the lease is up is the only way I know.

Heading to the homeland of ye ole Pennsyltucky in a couple weeks. Maybe I just want to be near to experience the shitshow of the DNC  come July.

Maybe I will have one less decaying tooth in my mouth when I leave here. My gift to Rochester. Out-of-pocket root canal?  Erm, nope. Just pull that sucker out if ya hit the nerve. For now, I wait until I can make an appointment with anyone other than those at the so-called “Gentle” Dental practice. Such an assembly line, impersonal experience there. The doctor straight up walked away while I was in the middle of expressing a concern to him. So, that was cool.

Other than that, I will say my health plan under NY State of Health has worked out very well and I’m thankful for that. Let’s see how this all goes trying to navigate and who knows what all’s going down in PA. Hmmmm.

For the record, I’m not looking for handouts! And I wish there wasn’t such vitriol when it comes to the discussion of affordable healthcare for everyone, no matter their condition.

In other Rochester news, check out these peregrine falcon bebes:

Screenshot 2016-05-13 at 2.46.00 PM - Edited

Also, my mug collection/addiction grows…


It’s probably for the best I didn’t go into this place until yesterday. Even more of my money would be gone by now.




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