Appropriating M♢♢N WATER

As a cultural symbol, [the grasshopper] is a prominent feature in Asian traditions. For instance, the Japanese connect its molting phases with the wax and wane of the moon. Further still, the Japanese cherished the song of this creature (particularly the long-horned grasshopper), and believed the moon coaxed the music from them. (source)

Listen closely, young grasshopper…

Let me lay it out here, the evolution of my taste in music.

I’ve got some really embarrassing stuff to admit.

This is a pretty good gauge of where I’m at now:

Scrobble scrobble scrobble ❤

This of course doesn’t reflect all the songs listened to on CD in my first Ford Focus (r.i.p.) and during various instances where I didn’t have a device with a app or plugin. But it is a fascinating amount of data from over the years and going back through makes me nostalgic in ways both bad and good.

But I need to let you in on what was happening prior to 2006.

I will proudly admit that the first concert I attended was Destiny’s Child at the Allentown Fair. BBMak was the opening act (until you’re back here, baby, yeeeeaaahhh….). Less proudly I admit how embarrassed I was to be seen with my mom and how mean I was about her going to the show, even though she graciously and most likely self-sacrificially bought me that ticket (sorry, mom! Thank you forever & always x 1,000,000^∞).

As a child, I reveled in the music of Disney stars, boy bands, and the Spice Girls. Oh, the 90s. Lots of MTV and VH1 watching and couch potatoing. TRL and some other call-in show playing popular music videos in the mornings before school.

Jewel. Listened to Jewel on cassette and thought she was the coolest up until the monstrosity of whatever this is.

One day, I busted up my copy of The Marshall Mathers LP into little pieces and threw it away because I was afraid I’d get in trouble for listening to the explicit content.

Went through a skater/fake-punk phase in middle school. Liked “hardcore” bands and then emo or whatever that scene was/is. But I mean, I also for a while listened to a lot of Dave Matthews Band? Looking up their lyrics on the web one time led me to a page that declared “DMB sucks monkey nuts.” I was offended. The timeline of all that gets a little blurry now. But most cringe-worthy of all, there are several journal pages spouting the gospel of bands like Good Charlotte. And later, Dashboard Confessional.

A definitive shift in my musical leanings occurred thanks to my dad, who credits himself with introducing David Bowie to the Valley where he grew up. I started listening to way more classic rock. Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens. The Beatles changed a lot of shit for me, a similar story I hear for many.

My sister Alena also played a pivotal role in sharing some of the more indie and alternative bands that round out my queue. Alongside belting out classic Jewel jams, we’d bond over Ryan Adams’ albums, Gold and Heartbreaker, and I got a crash course in soul-searching and relationship grief poured into music.

She played “Ohio” by Modest Mouse for me and my friends and we all thought it was whack. But that shit was eye-opening and I guess “whack” really just came to be a cool, new genre for me to explore. Isaac Brock has already put everything I’ve ever felt into their music and lyrics so this is why I’ll never be a famous songwriter…

Both my sisters took me to some great concerts ❤ #blessed (LOL. For reals though)

Back when y-100 was still on the air in Philly I was exposed to many alternative rock bands that got some heavy play time on my stereo and computer speakers. Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.

I even picked up guitar for a brief stint, but like most projects abandoned it after only a few weeks of lessons.

Weezer: Defined an entire era of my formative high school years – the details of which would probably shred my heart up like one of River’s solos so I’ll just leave it at =w=

And I can’t leave out Tenacious D. Holy shit. Tenacious D time, ya motha fucka, GO! Fusing my love for comedy and music in the most badass way possible. Eventually got to see them live in Atlantic City in 2012 and it was dope.

A band I’ve also not shaken and of whom I’ve grown obsessively fond is Arctic Monkeys. It began back in the day when I downloaded each song off their first album individually from LimeWire. Seeing them take off, grown up, and evolve as musicians/rock stars/sex symbols makes my heart flutter a bit. I feel all this admiration for their talent, maybe with a hint of envy, and a great amount of lust after their sex appeal and ability to capture many a beautiful drunken trysts perfectly in song.

And to close, a listing of bands I listen to in no particular order: Why?, Father John Misty, Tokyo Police Club, Lightspeed Champion, Dr. Dog, Blood Orange, Man Man, Islands, Mister Heavenly, Andrew Bird, Bear Hands, Foals, Darwin Deez, Leona Naess, Phoenix, Grimes, Glass Animals, The Last Shadow Puppets, Bon Iver. Whew. The list goes on. But I really do love these bands and this music and seeing them play it live even if the sound at the venue is shitty or I can’t see a damn thing because I’m not even five goddamn feet tall. And sometimes it’s just nice to watch a live stream of Coachella from the comfort of your own couch some 2,000 miles away.




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